Work areas of the Regional Coordination Mechanism

The RCM addresses issues that have high priority on the sustainable development agenda, call for policy coherence at the regional level and require inter-agency cooperation in view of their cross-sectoral nature. Currently particular emphasis is on the following themes:

  • Millennium Development Goals
  • 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • Gender equality and empowerment of women
  • Green Economy
  • Health


Working groups:

  • Regional Working Group on Gender (being established)


The main functions of the RCM in these areas can be delineated as follows:

  • exchanging views on major sustainable development challenges faced by the region and its subregions;
  • exchanging information on regional programmes of work of the participating agencies to avoid duplication and identify possible synergies;
  • providing broad directions for policy coherence on issues to be addressed at the regional level and connections to country-level work;
  • sharing regional analyses and intergovernmental normative decisions when they cut across the work of a critical mass of participating agencies;
  • providing regional perspectives to the global level and conducting joint activities to discuss and formulate regional positions.